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Re: Vedr. Re: Faux Stereo Looping

--- rune fagereng <rune_fagereng@yahoo.no> wrote:
>Any thoughts of the electrix ?

Electrix made two filter units; the Filter Factory
(two spaces high, full rack width) and the Filter
Queen (two units high, half rack width.) I've had a
Filter Queen since Electrix's big pre-Repeater
'blowout' circa 2001, and I've been happy with it.

>   Please tell me do you use filter in EDP fx loop or
> before  the EDP ?

You can use it in either place, depending if you want
the filtered signal to be part of the loop or if you
want to post-process your loop. 
>   Have you listened to any of Eivind AArsets cd`s.
> The norwegian guy that plays/played with Jon Hassell
> and Nils Petter Molvær. He also has his own band.
> Greate guitarist/composer and looper !

Eivind Aarset is indeed great. I only wish Jazzland
releases were distributed with a higher profile; I had
to special order the three Aarset CDs I have.  I've
never seen Eivind Aarset's stuff in stores here in the
US, although I DID stumble across a disc by his
labelmate Bugge Wesseltoft a couple of weeks ago.



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