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Re: ElectroHarmonix 2880 vs. Repeater

another drawback that i have encountered (and correct
me if i am wrong) is that u cannot trigger really
stuttering short loops like u can with the EDP...

--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> The short answer is: yes, you can.
> You'll need a MIDI pedal (or controller of whatever
> type) for this, there is
> no jack for controlling feedback with an expression
> pedal. That being said,
> about everyone controls the Repeater with a MIDI
> floorboard (I use a
> FCB1010).
> I never found the 3 or 4 minutes (don't know myself)
> limiting. Some (but
> only a few) people have a different opinion on this;
> you might search the
> archives for the looperlative discussion which
> happened recently and
> included a lengthy side-thread about maximum loop
> size.
> The Repeater has a few limitations. Some (like the
> maximum loop time) do not
> affect that many people in their playing. Others are
> more of a problem. To
> sum up the biggest drawbacks:
>  * maximum loop time limit: you have to decided for
> yourself (no problem for
> me)
>  * you can't go into overdub when closing a loop:
> This is a drawback for many people (including me).
> You can work around this
> by first recording an empty loop, closing it, and
> then overdubbing into it.
> But it's not the same.
>  * S/N ratio. There are some hardware mods to
> improve this. Again, search
> the archives
>  * Its internal MIDI clock is quite unstable. This
> is a problem either if
> you want to be extremely tight or if you want to
> MIDI-sync some delay
> effects to it (which causes clicks). Workaround.
> Sync the repeater to an
> external MIDI clock.
> Then there are things that no other looper can do.
> As Mark mentioned,
> syncing to a changing MIDI clock is among this. Then
> there's the
> timestretch/pitch shift feature. I personally enjoy
> varispeed very much.
> A pity it's discontinued.
>       >"Being able to control this feedback level
> (usually with a pedal)
> is
>       >obviously a major boon to loopers.  It turns the
> loop into a living
>       >entity, growing and changing over time versus a
> static loop with
>       >overdubs (and perhaps undos)." Please tell me, can
> you do this with
> repeater ?
>       >And how dont you find the 3-or4 minutes looping
> time as limiting ?
> Do you have any other loopers or is the repeater
> enough to make those
> >greate loops ?


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