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Re: Looping STUDENTS

Title: Re: Looping STUDENTS
Damn-thatsa bada news there Mikee!!
somethin about us waiter types that makes the body break down quicker than most folks!?!
well, best of luck Mr. EastCoast LooperType guy...thoughts are witcha  :-)
yeah & teaching a person looping has got to be like oh i dunno learning a new language for someone?

on 2/20/06 2:33 PM, Nemoguitt@aol.com at Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 2/20/06 5:30:49 AM, per@boysen.se writes:
one of my looping 
per.....how do you go about getting LOOPING STUDENTS, is it a different approach than the OL GUTAR LESSONS?.....i remember kim suggesting this in the past.....the main reason i mention this..... just back from the doc., had my left knee "scooped" a week ago where they go in and clean it up.....my right knee needs to be totally replaced, it's a mess but today he tells me and shows me pictures of my left (opereated on) knee and tells me after going in and looking at it he has to totally replace it also.....otherwise the knee just continues to degereate, the pain increases and then you die.....YIPEE.....i am going to try to get disability if possible and not have to feed the people anymore, if i can pull this off i will need to suppliment this disability money somehow, it's a pretty low amount.....so i must think up a way to make a bit more and i insist that its thru music in some way.....what fun!.....thanks.....mic