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RE: The Non-Tape-Loop

Title: RE: The Non-Tape-Loop

>>"the first take broke down"<<

I've seen the expression used in the context of multiple takes where someone made a mistake.... for instance, lewissohn's accounts of the beatles recording sessions is littered with shots of tape boxes & recording notes badly written/mis-spelled by the likes of geoff emerick, & in which the phrase occurs repeatedly to indicate that only part of a performance is in any way usable. they either kept the bits with a possible edit-job in mind, or didn't want to interrupt the flow of the session by rewinding & re-using the stock.

I don't think it's anything to do with tapes breaking.... even in the strange configuration that fripp used (& with the "modifications" to his machines, which would've involved a bit of soldering around the reel-motor switch standard anyway on the A77), revoxes don't often break tapes.