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Re: The many sides of Robert Fripp Was: Re: RC-50 Fade Out

On 22 feb 2006, at 21.45, S V G wrote:

>      Well yeah, he started out by sitting in with jazz musicians,  
> then he was with the Giles
> brothers back in 1968, then he was in this other group for a while,  
> then he started doing
> Soundscapes.

Interesting! I didn't hear about RF until in 1975. I was talking to a  
guitar player collegue in a symphonic art rock band that had the  
coolest sound I had heard, so far. He told me he was using a Big Muff  
for his SG "because Fripp does". Next day I bought the "Red" album,  
then "Lizard". Crimson was good when they stayed away from fusion  
jazz rock, I thought (and still do).

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