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Video Performance -- Hyde Park, MA 2.25.06

Hi folks,

I'll be doing my last performance at the current Artists at Large 
space this Saturday. Details below. I'm on from 9:45 until closing 
(11 ish)

At 10:29 AM -0500 2/19/06, timcasey wrote:
>Hi everyone on the Lowbudget Live e-mail list!
>Just a reminder that this Saturday, February 25th, is the Lowbudget 
>for Artists-At-Large, which is closing in its current location while 
>(with our aid) seeks bigger and better spaces. Here's a copy of the press
>release as Mr. Curt put it out:
>Saturday, February 25      8-11pm
>6 Webster St.  /  Cleary Sq.  /  Hyde Park
>w/  CHILLGROOVE (w/ Dr. T's Video Immersions), MR. CURT ENSEMBLE, ANDY
>This show is in response to the gallery being forced to move once again.
>During the past five years, Tommey Seggers has been a pivotal force on the
>local art/music scene here in Hyde Park, either through his own efforts or
>as a advocate for creative change. Just as a music entrepeneur, he has
>hosted a wide range of shows, especially the phenomenally important 
>series", helping to expose experimental jazz to a small but devout 
>(The sterling reviews of the recent appearance by the Ken Vandermark 5 in
>both the Boston Globe and the Boston Phoenix attest to his vision.) He has
>also been eagerly supportive of every LowBudget music & film project we've
>brought his way. Hoping to assist him with raising funds and donations, 
>is our big thanks for all his efforts!!! [Also, it's serving as a special 
>release party for our two new LowBudget albums, Hayim Kobi's new-age
>dreamscape, "Compusitions",  and for my eclectic offering, "Ability and
>Desire". Both will be available at the show.) Here's a grand wish for a
>tremendous turnout for a good cause.
>Set times:
>8:00 = Mr. Curt Ensemble
>8:45 = Glenn Williams
>9:15 = Andy Hollinger
>9:45 = Bird Mancini
>10:15 = Chillgroove
>I was at Dr. T's "Video Immersions" show last night at AAL and was 
>impressed. You've got to see this stuff! This will be a great party and a
>great show, so please come on by and give Tommey the sendoff he deserves.
>It'll help fortify him for the upcoming "find a new space" struggle.
>Suggested donation is $8, but Tommey needs all the help he can get at this
>point, so bring your wallet as well as your innate sense of generosity for
>someone who has done so much for the community. Think about it - is there
>any other place to go in Hyde Park on a Saturday night?
>Thanks for tuning in, and keep watching the skies!
>- Tim Casey
>Chief Wazoo and Grand Poo-Bah (it even says so on my Billboard magazine
>mailing label),
>Lowbudget Records

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