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Re: kaos-pad v.s electrix filter

I've never used the Electrix filter, but the KAOSS pad
KP-2 rules (be careful of the KP-1, they're fragile)
if not for sonic quality, for pure types of effects
and an interface that's easy to use and fun.  Brian
Eno swears by them.

My issue with Electrix is they take up a lot of space
in a rack for what they do.  Great for home studio use
where space/lugging isn't an issue, but when you're
trying for a lean light portable rig, the Line6 filter
made it into my rack instead.  I've never compared the
two but I do like the Line6 for the money.

Really, the two are mostly different animals and any
looping rig could benefit from any of the gear I've
talked about.  Fun!

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