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Vedr. Re: kaos-pad v.s electrix filter - and repeater

Hi !
Thanks, this was interesting news. So you to are a repeater-looper ! Do you have any other tips and tricks, regarding gear and the use of repeater ?
Rune f       

Fabio Anile <fabio.anile@tiscali.it> skrev:
I love what  Kaoss Pad does !
It has a lot of usefull effects, and even if I don't have (necver tried) an Electrix filter, I think that  the touch-screen render it more versatile and usefull.
It has midi, so you can easily synch it to other devices sending midi clock.
Also, it can works such as a midi controller (sending 6 midi command at a time), but I didn't try this feature, yet.
I've read a lot about the electrix filter, and I'm thinking to buy one (...when Electrix will decide to sell the new products...), because, in my repeater's configuration, I want to use different effects in different (looping) tracks.
...This is a feature that looperlative don't has: the possibility to address
every single track from the Repeater to a specific channel mixer.