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Re: Percussive Sounds on El. Guitar

Threading a garbage bag twist tie through the strings near the bridge  
makes a convincing steel drum sound.

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On Feb 24, 2006, at 1:04 PM, skincage wrote:

> i have no idea how to play a guitar properly but this thread inspred
> me to mess around on my friend's electric. i discovered something and
> i don't think anyone suggested it yet. try putting a flat, fairly wide
> piece of metal right on a pickup. in my case i used a piece of hacksaw
> blade. it should stick to the magnets. now you can hit it or pull it
> up so it thwacks back down, or you can move it around for some weird
> squeaks and bassy scratch noises. sounded really good though a zoom505
> on some patch with a lot of chorus and slight delay. also if you have
> an automatic modulation effect that makes for instant cheesy
> electronic drum sounds.
> jon/skincage