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Re: Boomerang sampler

Sort of. You can set several levels of feedback for each loop, but  
you can't change them on the fly. So, when the loop is open for  
overdubs it decays, and when it is holding feedback = 100%. To do a  
fade, you can open the loop but not overdub anything and over time it  
will fade out.

There is a nice little volume roller, if it's just that you want it  

The Boomerang seems to have lost all its cachet. I like them -- for  
me, they have the best looping interface yet designed. But it seems  
like the Jammen and RC-whatevers are going to kill them unless  
there's a Boomerang 2 in the works. Used prices look to be around  
$300. Some folks didn't like the audio quality, but I never much  
noticed although it can be a little fussy to set levels.

You can also use it as a latching delay, like a PCM42, RDS/PDS/ 
Echotron-whatever, and Echoplex. Since that's the way I normally  
"loop," Boomerangs are very appealing to me. (Which is why I'm  
getting a Maneco, but that's another story -- getting one of those  
means having a kind of squidgy-feeling money transfer through Western  
Union. But hopefully he'll get his money tomorrow!) If the DD-20  
would do that, it would *kill*, but I as far as I can tell it doesn't.

But I still think, for looping, that you can't beat Boomerangs for  
the price. The Digitech, RC-50, and Headrush have just never done it  
for me. Well, except for the DD-20 maybe. But that's my opinion --  
there are others.

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On Feb 26, 2006, at 6:30 AM, rune fagereng wrote:

> Hi !
> Does the Boomrang sampler got the option to reduse feedback in  
> order to make the recorded loop decrease, like Repeater and EDP ?
> Is the Boomerang a god buy, regarding looping ?
> Rune F.