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Re: Echoplex price and availability used: (was Unidentified subject!)

I believe it really depends on your application and style. "Do it all" for 
me ended up pointing to the Looperlative, though my prior two EDP were 
superb units and treated me well (they are now off to another proud 
owner)...I just didn't use all their features. But the Looperlative looks 
like the ideal unit for the type of music I like to play. Again, I think 
it's all about your looping philosophy and whether you can manifest it 
one unit or another.

Now, if I want to get my old EDP feature set back (at least the one that I 
used), I use Mobius. Mobius + Looperlative for me is looping Nirvana.


Krispen Hartung
Improvisational / Avant-Garde Looping Guitarist
info@krispenhartung.com / 208-724-5603
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Subject: Echoplex price and availability used: (was Unidentified subject!)

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> I'm ready to bite the bullet, but it's still going to sting,.
> Unfortunately, you can't generally walk into the local Guitar Pit and 
> a
> lot of this stuff out, so I'm asking you guys and gals your advice.
> <snip>
> If you the bucks and had it all to do right now, would you buy the EDP or
> something else?  Or wait for the EDP Plus Ultra?  :-)
> -->Check eBay . . .
> I am seeing a lot of used EDPs flying out the door at low prices--too 
> I
> don't need another one.
> Try it, if you don't like it, put it back on eBay.
> Gary