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the PiNG presents NOiNO

THE AMBiENT PiNG  .  http://www.theambientping.com
Tuesdays @ HACiENDA . 794 Bathurst Street at Bloor . Toronto 
(upstairs - directly across from the Bathurst subway station) 
Doors open at 9pm . 1st set at 9:30 . PayWhatYouCan 

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THiS Tuesday February 28th . NOiNO 
(Jim Bailey, Matthew Poulakakis & Jamie Todd)

NOiNO . the sound exploration aggregate made up of Jim Bailey 
(Six Heads and Odradek), Matthew Poulakakis (Automatic Fats, 
salvagesound and Solipsystem) and Jamie Todd (dreamSTATE, 
SADU, Sylken and URM) returns to the PiNG for their 
second ever live performance.

Formed in the fall of 2005 on the PiNG stage when three friends 
who had long discussed a musical gathering, jumped at the 
opportunity to perform together as a last minute fill-in act for 
a Planet of the Loops performance. Improvising with old-school 
and new-school looping techniques (analog tape and synths, 
digital delays and loopers along with virtual samplers, delays 
and synths), the three got caught in the loop and found 
a common voice which has inspired them to explore further.

An improvised collage of found, percussive and synthetic sounds 
will be served . . . mutated . . . manipulated . . . mangled . . .
for this second sonic sojourn of NOiNO.

salvagesound (Matthew Poulakakis) will release 
"12 reductions (2005)" at this week's show. 
CDs will be available @ the ping things table.

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Before Sets CD . in dreams of something new i have not been well 
by NOT_digital 
We start the evening off with the first CD from Windsor ON's 
NOT_digital who will be coming to the PiNG on March 21st 
to share the stage with Interweaver.  http://notdigital.on.to

Between Sets CD . Window Pain 
by Building Castles Out of Matchsticks
This week we feature Building Castles Out of Matchsticks' 
Window Pain, a fantastic collection of emotional and evocative 
electronic pieces from the vivid imagination of Anne Sulikowski.
Read more about it here in rik's *ping things* CD review below 
and hear it Tuesday @ the PiNG. 
http://www.pieheadrecords.com   http://www.worthyrecords.com

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COMiNG Tuesday March 7th . Aidan Baker (solo) and ARC

In keeping with our mini arc (sorry, couldn't resist) of acts who 
premiered on the PiNG stage, we welcome back ARC for an
evening of infectious improvisation. Way, way, way back on
October 12th 1999, at the ninth AMBiENT PiNG TUESDAY, 
ARC (Aidan Baker, Rich Baker and Chris Kukiel) first came
together to perform. Their upcoming show will make it an
even dozen ARC performances @ the PiNG.

Opening the evening will be a solo set of sonic explorations 
by Aidan Baker.  http://www.aidanbaker.org

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rik maclean's *ping things* CD Reviews

Building Castles Out of Matchsticks . "Window Pain"

"Window Pain", the first release in Piehead Records' 2004 
subscription series, is a fantastic collection of emotional and 
evocative electronic pieces from the vivid imagination of 
Building Castles Out of Matchsticks.

Sounds and textures on the disc are warm and inviting, where all 
of the rough edges and sharp points have been rounded and buffed 
to a lustrous shine designed to lure the listener deeper under it's 
spell. There's a playful quality in many of these songs, a quirky 
charm about them that draws you in hoping you'll stay. You can't 
help but feel caught up in the music almost like secret jokes, 
locational humour shared with friends.

There's darkness here as well, a sense of both absence and 
solitude that permeates throughout the disc, a slight aftertaste to 
the sweet sounds and tones that, well, isn't quite so sweet. 
Spiralling drones that are shared through "I have made a list of 
374 reasons why I can't live with you and 375 reasons why I can 
never ever see you again" and "Your wandering demons throw 
pebbles through my heart" suggest a feeling of loss hidden 
only by painted clown smiles.

And I guess that it's the masterful way in which these conflicting 
emotions are woven together and shared that makes me enjoy 
this release so much. With each new listen I find myself finding 
something new to smile at, something new that brings a tear to 
my eyes. And isn't that what all the best music does?

"Window Pain" by Building Castles out of Matchsticks 
is available now at ping things!

rik maclean - rik@pingthings.com

http://www.pingthings.com = ambient + electronic + chill things 

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* Other Toronto area sonic/visual events of interest this week:

* Monday Feb. 27th . WORKSHOP: MADAWASKA 
   STRING QUARTET State of the Art: Composers' 
   Workshop Third Instalment . Drop in to witness the unfolding 
   of four new works for string quartet. The Madawaska String 
   Quartet will undertake this workshop with composers 
   Mike Kane, Sundar Subramanian, David Occhipinti 
   and Dustin Peters.
   10AM-5PM . Music Gallery . 197 John St . Pay what you can
* Monday Feb. 27th . Improv Greats Lori Freedman(Quebec)
   and Frank Gratkowski (Germany) in Concert
   The Duo Freedman/Gratkowski performs original music 
   composed in real-time in front of their audience. 
   Lori Freedman (clarinet, bass clarinet) and Frank Gratkowski 
   (saxophone, clarinets) offer an evening of improvised music 
   spurting from a rich amalgam of influences, from classical and 
   21st century contemporary music to jazz and far beyond.
   20h . Goethe-Institut's Kinowelt Hall
   admission is sliding scale, suggested minimum is $10.
* Tues., Feb. 28th . Lynn Harrigan & Scott M2 of dreamSTATE 
   will be performing at the opening celebration for the Eco-Art 
   and Media Festival. Zig-Zag Gallery (aka the Lounge) on the 
   1st floor of the HNES Bldg @ York University's Keele Campus
   6:00 p.m . ALL WELCOME!
* Wednesday March 1st . Agyu Experimental Music Series
   Tim Posgate and Ben Grossman
   The first experimental music performance in the new AGYU 
   features a joint performance by guitarist Tim Posgate and 
   hurdy-gurdy player Ben Grossman.
   7 PM . Art Gallery of York University Accolade East Building
   4700 Keele Street . FREE

* Wednesday, March 1st . The See Through Trio
   Tania Gill - Piano, Mark Laver - Saxophone,
   Pete Johnston - Bass
   8 pm . Tranzac . PWYC

* Thursday, March 2nd . The Fake New Age Music Band
   performs live at the Inspired Lives book launch   
   With readings by authors Sparrow, Marcus Boon and
   editor Clea McDougall, followed by The Fake New 
   Age Music Band featuring Ryan Driver, Sandro Perri, 
   Justin Haynes and Jean Martin   
   8pm . The Gladstone Hotel, Art Bar (1214 Queen St. W.)
   Cover: PWYCV . book deals - prizes - snacks
* Friday, March 3rd . Canadian Music Week presents
   Spin Gallery . 1100 Queen St. W. . $10 at the door - 19+   

* Friday, March 3rd . Leftover Daylight Series
   in association with Arraymusic and AIMT
   i- Aldcroft / Oswald / Valdivia / TBA w/ ken aldcroft- guitar, 
   john oswald- alto sax, brandon valdivia- drums, tba-tba
   iii- Drumheller w/ eric chenaux- guitar, doug tielli- trombone, 
   rob clutton- bass, nick fraser- drums
   iii- Cassidy / Haley / Martin w/ bruce cassidy- trumpet, 
   geordie haley- guitar, jean martin- drums
   9pm . ARRAYMUSIC Studio 60 Atlantic Ave., Ste 218 . $10/6
* Saturday, March 4th . DJ Lazarus presents DARKRAVE v.73
   hard trance, industrial and other dark beats with a live set by 
   more in the main room, and live music in the back room 
   presented by H2-OS
   11 PM . Funhaus, 526 Queen St. W. 
   $5 at the door before  - $10 after - 19+
* Saturday, March 4th . roughidea + RootMeanSquare present
   Matthew Shipp solo piano One Release Tour 2006
   Initially recognized by Toronto audiences propelling the 
   David S. Ware Quartet (Next Wave), and baptizing the 
   What.Next era leading his own trio w/William Parker and 
   Susie Ibarra into sold out/SRO landmark gigs at 179
   Richmond Street - NY's pugilistic pianist Matthew Shipp 
   of late renowned for his signature Thirsty Ear Blue Series 
   portfolio - returns in an absolute centre ring concert in the 
   lofty acoustics of St. George-the-Martyr. Mr. Shipp has 
   ranged far and wide, embracing everything from modern 
   classical music, funk, electronica, avant-garde jazz, ambient 
   music and hip-hop to good old hard bop. 
   8pm . Music Gallery at St.George-the-Martyr Church
   Grange Park North of CITYTV . Tickets- $15
   PLUS. . . 
   Sunday, March 5th . Matinee co-presented by Arraymusic
   1:30pm . Arrayspace . 60 Atlantic
* Sunday March 5th . Promise Chamber 6 
   This year's performers so far: 
   strangeangel23 - deep groove, AIA - live ambient,
   Angus MacLeod - piano, dreamSTATE - live virtual synthesis,
   Eliot - piano, Liz - cello, Ben Grossman & Cheryl O, Sara 
   Wong & Choo - piano & flute, Angola & crew - trip hop & 
   vocals, Madison & Glynis - w Angus MacLeod, Wack MCs
   4pm . ArraySpace . 60 Atlantic Ave, Unit 218
* Sunday March 5th . The NOW Series presented by 
   AIMT and the NOW Lounge
   4:00 - Sait / Yue / Keith w/ david sait- electronics, 
   andy yue- analog synth, michael keith- guitar   
   5:00- The Disguises   
   6:00-Cram / Fraser / Clutton w/ paul cram- clarinet, 
   nick fraser- drums, rob clutton- bass
   4pm-7pm . The NOW Lounge 189 Church St . $6
* Sunday March 5th . Creative Improvisation Workshops
   Four 3-hour sessions, starting Sunday March 5th,
   running each Sunday in March, from Noon to 3p.m.
   Recital April 2nd, 1pm.   
   The focus of the workshop is to encourage musicians to 
   experience the combination of latitude and discipline that 
   distinguishes free improvisation, and to provide them with 
   information about the resources available to them as 
   improvisors. Emphasis is placed on the development of 
   listening skills through playing and the material covered 
   considers music in a comprehensive manner. Open to 
   musicians of all levels and backgrounds, the workshop 
   gives a clearer understanding of the process and a greater 
   appreciation of the art of improvisation.   
   The workshop is organized into 4 3-hour sessions, which 
   culminate in a hour-long recital. The recital is professionally 
   recorded, and copies made available to participants.   
   Participation is open to musicians at all levels. You should 
   plan on attending all four sessions and playing the recital. 
   Cost is $100 per person. 
   All sessions to be held at Studio 4, 60 Atlantic Ave.
   (southeast of King and Dufferin) Toronto.   
   To register, or for more information, Contact:
   Victor Bateman- tel: 416-534-7918
   email- v.bateman@sympatico.ca   
   Presented in affiliation with the
   Association of Improvising Musicians, Toronto.
* Wednesday, March 8th . CONTACT contemporary music
   presents GIRLFRIEND With special guest Lori Freedman
   A collaboration with The Music Gallery
   Celebrating International Women's Day
   In association with Amnesty International
   and the Association of Canadian Women Composers
   Featuring the music of Eve Beglarian, Lori Freedman, 
   Monique Jean, Deirdre Piper, Marci Rabe, Linda Catlin Smith 
   and Ann Southam. Featuring guest artist Lori Freedman with 
   the CONTACT contemporary music ensemble: 
   Sarah Fraser Raff, violin; Michael Gfroerer, piano;
   Alex Grant, cello; Akiyo Hattori, clarinet; 
   Christine Mourre, flute; Jerry Pergolesi, percussion
   8:00 PM . The Music Gallery . 197 John Street 
   $15 Adults $10 Seniors/Students
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

THE AMBiENT PiNG is a social sound/art event presenting live 
performances by Toronto's finest ambient, chillout, improv and 
experimental music artists plus performers from around the world, 
every Tuesday evening at HACiENDA . 794 Bathurst Street at Bloor. 

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Please forward this e-mail to any friends who may be interested in 
live ambient, chillout and experimental music performances or to 
any of your appropriate newsgroups. Thanks.