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Re: Do I need that EDP?


Being new to the group, you may have missed recent discussion
regarding the Looperlative.  This is a new looper being created by
list member Bob Amstadt.  It's a different beast from the EDP, and
looks to be very promising.  Check out <http://www.looperlative.com>
and the LD archives for more info.   Among it's other features, it's
full stereo.

Just a heads up in case you missed it.  I'm of the opinion that more
options are always better.

On 2/26/06, cburke55@comcast.net <cburke55@comcast.net> wrote:
> My apologies for sending this before with no subject!  New to the list, 
>as I say.  I'm posting again in case you might have summarily deleted the 
>last one:
> Hi!
> I'm  new to Looper's Delight, which I discovered only days ago, and 
> little more than a novice in the craft (though a fan since Music For 
> which should give you some idea how long I've been about) I'm looking to
> upgrade.
> I've been playing in the attic for quite a while with an RC-20 (A very 
> adopter! the original, no undo) and a DD-20 as the looping part of my 
> Tons of free form fun, some good ideas, but ultimately I feel hamstrung 
>by the
> lack of ability to synch the RC-20 to anything.  And since I started to 
>read the
> threads here over the last days I've really benefited a lot from the 
> of feedback capability (which I've been using the DD-20 to cope with) as 
> especially on the RC-50, for which I thought I was waiting.  The 
> looked cute but didn't really seem to have enough differential capability
> From all I've read and heard you all say, the EDP with the pedal sounds 
>like the
> gold standard (apart from the Eventides and such) and the only real 
>complaint I
> think I've seen is that it's not stereo.
> I'm ready to bite the bullet, but it's still going to sting,.  
> you can't generally walk into the local Guitar Pit and try a lot of this 
> out, so I'm asking you guys and gals your advice.  The 198 seconds seems 
> these days, but none of you seems to have issues with it.  BTW, when you 
> loops, will the 1st loop fade 0r does it just stop?  I've been reading 
>the on
> line manual but seem to have missed that.
> So, someone talk me out of it.  Or into it.  If you the bucks and had it 
>all to
> do right now, would you buy the EDP or something else?  Or wait for the 
>EDP Plus
> Ultra?  :-)
> Thanks for your thoughts!
> Christophe