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RE: Monophobix ;-)  (was.  Jon Hassells music)

Hi there,

Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

>(OT) The blessing of the E-bow:
>it prevents the guitarist from killing the music with over harmonized
>chords ;-))

Indeed. The most enjoyable part of looping is to build things up one piece 
at a time and let things go where they will - once you've dropped a full 
chord into a loop it feels like you've blocked off a whole load of other 
possibilities. Heck, I've left a loop whizzing around the JamMan for 
several minutes before deciding what the next note will be sometimes (I 
don't inflict that on anyone else, mind...)

"Not building a wall but making a brick," or "You can only make one dot at 
a time," perhaps ? ;)

- Tony

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