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Re: cancelled: march 11 open loop

I can't promise to do much, but hopefully I will be able to add a few individuals at these shows (myself included) in the next few months as I and two of my collaborators/friends relocate to the Brooklyn area...
Clint Allen

On 3/9/06, Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com> wrote:
That's "towel" not "trowel"!  :-D

Yes, the weather was against us.  But I've been doing this for a long
time.  I run a fairly popular events mailing list here too that I use
to advertise this stuff.   In previous times, I've done things like
getting ads in newspapers and handing out lots and lots of fliers.
And yet I'd be really, really surprised if I had a show and a dozen
people showed up.

Considering the amount of gear I take out and the time and money it
takes me to get out, there's a level of patheticness that I can't
really stomach here.

People just aren't so interested in going out and listening to music
any more.  If you have thousands of tracks from all the world's
musicians on a little box the size of a cigarette package, there
really isn't much incentive to go out and just listen.  Sure, going
out for a *show*, or to dance... logical.  But not to listen.

Older people are more listeners -- but a lot of them aren't interested
in weird music any more.  And they don't seem to come out.

Younger people want either a spectacle or dance music and I can't
provide that.  And I'm not *such* an amazing musician that they'll
just show up to admire my chops (and really, when does that happen


On 3/8/06, Dan Ash <Daniel.Ash@verizon.net> wrote:
> Tom,
> That's too bad.
> Wasn't there a snowstorm the night of the last loop event in Brooklyn?
> That might have been a factor.
> Hope you're not really throwing in the trowel.
> Dan Ash
> White Plains, NY


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