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Re: MySpace stuff

At 8:29 AM +0000 3/14/06, Steve Lawson wrote:
>It's working quite well for me - I've sold a few CDs, and been 
>offered some gigs through it, as well as having people turn up at 
>gigs who found out about them through MySpace.
>Just a shame it's a) owned by that scumbag Murdoch and b) just about 
>the ugliest interface of any website on the planet...

Those latter two are the main reasons why I've never set up camp 
there.  Although it looks as if people are finding real value from 
the service, so I may actually have to capitulate.

Doesn't help that every time I finally force myself to go to sign up, 
I find that some pimply-faced pre-adolescent has already snarfed the 
pseud I was after.

"Bitch, gripe, mumble ... mumble, bitch, gripe"

        --m. (who actually appreciated Tim's Crumb reference...)

"Behind every fear lies a wish, don't you think...?"