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Re: what a damned loop has to say

> Me too, but what has EVH done recently? What really memorable, original
songs has he written since DLR left? Now I'm going to stick my neck out: I
would take ANYTHING off DLRs first three solo albums over anything EVH has
done since the split.

 Let's just say that many of us have other life issues and lessons we're
dealing with, and have failed to manage ourselves in ways that would allow
us to continue producing work at our highest level... me included. It's sad
but true. Recovery is a bitch...

> As for Fripp - some of his solo work and a little of his KC output is
truely magical and inspirational. Almost as cool as his contributions to
'Heroes', 'Scary Monsters' and 'Parallel Lines'.

Fripp's input on side projects seems much less contrived to me. 'Scary
Monsters' is the most unbelieveable recording.

 As testimony for Vai, I would nominate his performance on PIL's 'generic'
recording, with Ginger Baker, Bill Laswell and Nicky Skopelitis as an
all-time high as well. Absolutely killer playing and chemistry.

Finally... what anyone is doing today is beside the point. If they've
contributed anything, we're in their debt. For whatever reason, not 
is going to continually pop out classic material. We all have our ups and
downs, and I'd like to attempt being generous and allow those who have
fallen on harder times the possibility of some dignity and recovery. I'd do
the same for any of you!

Miko Biffle
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