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Re: Laptop Set-up....

On 22 mar 2006, at 06.18, Jeff Kaiser wrote:

> The last module does it: PSP Audio's Vintage Warmer (VST object in  
> max is great for hosting all these, though I've also written my own  
> weird limiters)....though, I'm thinking about Elemental Audio's  
> Neodynium....anyone using it out there?

Yes. I use it whenever I need its unique sound (dynamic compressing).  
On of Neodynums good sides is that it does its job with very little  
latency. I think it worked quite well on direct input electric guitar  
in my laptop. Although I have not tried it myself, a college keeps  
telling me that he got a great sound on a recorded acoustic guitar  
out of Neodynum. From knowing Neodynum I imagine he is right.

Another software compressor that may be used with almost no latency  
(fulfills its job within the plugin working buffer) is the Sonalkis  
one. It does colors the audio with a "traditional analog tone", but I  
like that. Sonalkis is the only software compressor I may use for  
live audio - when host application built-in latency compensation is  
not active, as it is when audio is first recorded before processed.  
One good use is to slap a stereo Sonalkis on the host applications  
master stereo out. When you get the levels right you can "play the  
mix" by your live audio input (the instrument played through the  
laptop). But usually I save up computer power by using a hardware  
compressor after the laptop (but before the PA) instead. My hardware  
RNC doesn't sound as good as the software Sonalkis, but almost.

I too use the PSP VintageWarmer a lot. But in a different way that  
the two mentioned above. VW colors the sound even more and sometimes  
you need exactly that. It has a good two band multi compressing  
option. Can easily destroy music of overused ;-)  I never use it for  
live input streams because of its huge latency. VW can feel  
"dynamically sloppy" on some audio material, like for example drums,  
but PSP also offers the MixPressor (part of their MixPack) that is  
incredibly snappy - on recorded material, lots of latency here.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)