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Re: Re: Quick question about Vortex

With ShadowA I got the same behavior as Mark:  one side out only (I assume it was the left, but can't remember how I have things wired up just now.)  This is very easy for me to spot with the Vortex as my piezos go through one side, my magnetics through the other and they have very different tonal qualities.  On ShadowA I only got magnetics (spread to both L&R outputs, I believe).  Switching to piezos resulted in no sound at all.

As you say, this is very strange.  I wouldn't have expected this at all and the manual makes no mention of it and in fact implies just the opposite.  I'm willing to label this a Vortex bug as I can't imagine it was designed this way. 

Now I'm curious to see what ShadowA does with my piezo signal when Mix=64.  I didn't think to check it at the time.


On 3/27/06, a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
Todd says

>The Vortex's stereo behavior depends on the patch you're
>using.  Some of the patches route in ways that'll sum the stereo
>field or include cross-overs.

Yes, I checked out the Shadow A patch like Todd suggested, and the
dry signal is monoed.
Even when Bypass is used.

very strange

...don't think that's Mark's problem though, because he's getting
just left channel output.

andy butler