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Re: Hello from a new looper (sort-of)!

hi charlie.i like those sounds,very
groovy.that"ahhhhh" had a bit of rodger waters bass
thump to it or maby im just in a floydian mood today.i
can dig it.   trippy.
                   scary visionary.

--- Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> I just wanted to say Hi to everybody, my name is
> Charlie, and i have
> been getting the emails for about a year, and i
> figure since i am
> starting to know some of the answers to the
> questions you guys (and
> gals) have, I figure i might introduce myself!
> anyways, i am primarily a bass player, i have been
> looping for two
> years now. I first started on the Boss RC-20, and
> now with the advice
> of my guitar player, i have had a lexicon jamman for
> about a year
> now...very cool box...
> anyways, i gotta say that a lot of the music that
> has been coming from
> the people on this site has just been
> awesome...before i signed up
> here, i have already heard Steve Lawson (who between
> him and my guitar
> player got me interested in looping) and Kris
> Hartung. I look forward
> to hearing what everybody else has!
> I feel kinda bad, but here is what i have to offer
> so far, compared to
> what else is going on here this is very
> non-professional, but i am
> kinda interested in ambient music and this is what i
> came up with :)
> (btw the band name is just a working title :) )
> Charlie

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