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Re: Scary Situations

One of my most scary moments was when I invited a
Gregorian Chant vocalist up on stage.  He had
initially approached me at a small art opening and
asked if he could sit in.  He was GREAT and it really
clicked.  I figured, "I bet there aren't many sucky
Gregorian Chanters out there."  It paid off... for
that gig.  He showed up to our next show and was
HORRIBLE.  I don't know what it was.  He seemed very
very stoned.  I was standing next to him and his voice
was coming through the monitor clearly, so it wasn't
like he couldn't hear himself.  I didn't know what was
going on.  So after a while of trying to get things on
a melodic track, I just decided to go with it and go
atonal.  What else can you do?  WHEN YOUR GUEST
VOCALIST WON'T LEAVE!  He wouldn't get off the mic!

Finally when I realized he was killing us, I just took
the mic from him and said, "OK, that's great.  Talk to
you later."  He scowled at me for a bit but finally

So I guess the moral of the story is, it's a messy
world and shit happens.  Try to laugh and go on. 
There's not much sense in dwelling on a bad show or
letting a bad moment ruin a show for you.  I find if
you can see the humor in it and laugh, the audience
will laugh with you and forgive.  There's nothing
worse than transfering your tension to your audience.


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