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Re: Looperlative 1st report

Title: Re: Looperlative 1st report

Hi Mark,

Bob has the following on his Forum topic for improvements to the Looperlative:

Top items on my software task list:

    * Multitrack synchronization issues including multitrack MIDI sync issues. Specifically,
         this would address start/stop problems.
    * Add software support for auxilliary outputs.
    * Ability to reprogram LP1 software memory via MIDI if an upgrade fails to install correctly.
    * Support for per track feedback and volume knobs or sliders.
    * Single level undo or cancel.
Bob Amstadt
Looperlative Audio Products

So, it sounds like he's working on the MIDI sync issues.  Just make sure that he understands what you're trying to do, and he'll probably at least _try_ to make sure your concerns are addressed.  Even if you move on from using the Looperlative it will help those who follow.  Like me!  I plan to use Logic and my trusty E-mu PX-7 with the Looperlative, and then I'll be the squeaky wheel.  So you're not alone in wanting MIDI sync (as you've described) to work well.  Not at all.

Mark said:

I'm only considering abandoning the Looperlative
because I honestly don't think enough of us want this
functionality that it is worth Bob's time to add it.
Silly to change your design for a tiny group of users.


But Mark, that's the beauty of the situation.  We're in on the ground floor, where your voice carries extra weight.  Now is the time to work with Bob to get what you want.

Quick survey: anyone else think MIDI sync improvements are worthwhile?  If even 5 of us say it's important, that's roughly 20% of the installed user base!  (until the June batch ships, then we'll be about 8%).