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BOSS RC-50 impressions

just wanted to follow up with good news for anybody with their eye on the 
boss rc-50. i've been experimenting with this one for about 2 days now and 
i'm very happy with the expanded capabilities for perfectly synched, rich, 
deep loops it allows.
it's very user friendly, with everything laid out logically and well 
labelled on the unit itself, although i did find the manual downloaded 
roland.com to be useful for working out some of the finer points.
the only technical anomoly i would note is the fact that it seems to 
interpret tempo data received from external sources a little strangely, 
although it doens't affect the actual functioning at all. for example, i'm 
running a 120bpm tempo out of ableton live and according to the rc-50 this 
is actually a tempo of 119.9.
otherwise seems very solid, definately the best i've ever worked with, a 
very intuitive and musical tool. leaves me feeling extremely excited to 
explore the future.
cheers to boss for pushing the envelope of looping technology!