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Re: Mac v.s Pc

> --- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>> here's another 2c worth: I have a macbook pro, which
>> is an intel-powered
>> dual-core 1.8Ghz laptop. it has 2 Gb of ram.
>> the whole thing cost almost twice as much as the
>> nearest PC equivalent
On 5 jun 2006, at 20.06, mark sottilaro wrote:

> I'm not sure how you can make that statement.

I'd like to join Marks Police Department on this issue!  ;-))

It's easy to regard them "equal" but a thorough comparison will give  
that truly equal laptops will go for the roughly the same price no  
matter if the were made by Apple or some other PC contractor  
manufactory. But the MacBook Pro is the extreme Top Of The Line right  
now. I think I would go the much cheaper white MacBook if I should  
buy a laptop today. But my ZEPTO (who the hell comes up with all  
these ugly pc brand names???) will hopefully still be going strong  
with Windows XP for another three to four years.

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