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Re: New RC-50 Delema

Hi guys

> So...The damn thing time compresses/expands my
> original loop to whatever the tempo of the patch happens to be set
> at...
Oh boy, this is getting worse... I already hate this thing before I have 
received it :-(
Actually, this has been my main problem with Ableton. So I was looking 
forward to a unit that would be more flexible with time.
Does that mean you have no chance of practically working with this thing 
if you haven't tapped the proper tempo beforehand?
Could you:
- set patch tempo to anything
- record whatever loop you like
- set the patch tempo to the tempo of your loop - without messing up the 
loop tempo?

I guess I'll have to see...

Oh boy... so far _ALL_ solutions seem to be compromises...

Best regards

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