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Re: Link to Max runtime info (Was Kris's hardware FX thread)

> No, I was JUST in the bay area for a week, but my home base is the in 
> the
> northeast.  New York, to be exact.

I'll be in NYC for the Festival of New Trumpet in October....but can 
probably get you something before that. :-)

> For the record, I host sooperlooper in live, and use a bunch of vsts 
> and
> audio units there, plus an eventide orville outboard.
> I HATE when I have to travel without my eventide, and therefore am 
> looking
> continuously for better and better sounding and more efficient ways of
> processing sound, therefore my eyes are always on max.  it's getting 
> harder
> and harder to travel with any gear at all.

I know someone who just got rid of his h8000.....he has enough juice to 
host a convolution reverb on his laptop now, and everything else is 

> If we could just get power up to do pitchshifting it would be SO GREAT!

It is there.....(mac powerbook g4, 1.5)


I'll email my pitch patch directly to you in few minutes.