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Re: Nobels MF-1

Hey, something I know about!

><Kris asked about the Roland FC-200>
>It says it is battery powered, and I believe it sends notes too, 
>from the descrption. Looks interesting.

Yes, I had an FC-200.

I liked it pretty well and used it with a pair of EDPs and either a 
GX-700 or an SE-70/VF-1.  I'd like to get another one, actually; I 
really liked the ergonomics of the big foot-switches.  Pretty 
durable... another Stick player I respect tremendously uses one, he's 
toured with it internationally for a looong time and it has worked 
well for him.  In terms of build quality and 'feel' it beats the heck 
out of the Behringer FCB1010 (IMHO) for not too much more money. 
Well, not big money like an All Access or something like that.  It's 
not quite as programmable as the Behringer, but my brain works with 
it better.  It would probably work well for your laptop-setup, but it 
might feel a bit limited for your rack-setup.  I'm now on a Rocktron 
MIDI-Mate, which is merely okay (switches are too small).

Physically, sending Note-ons seemed... 'easier' with this unit.  My 
timing was somehow better than any other pedal I've tried (sort of 
like new shoes that feel great from day one).  Weird, but true.  You 
do need an external switch like the FS-5U or some such to switch 
modes.  I also used a small forest of EV-5 pedals to control lots of 
effect parameters in real time.  Great fun!

Yes, batteries work; I'd suggest 2300/2400+ mAH NiMH batteries and 
just keep 'em charged.  You'll get a lot of runtime out of them... 
definitely buy the AC adapter for home use, though.

I saw the Nobels when Steve Lawson was here in the US earlier this 
year, controlling a Looperlative.  Maybe he could chime in with where 
to get one.  Seemed nice enough, but smallish.  Different design 
philosophy.  It at least had footswitches which were bigger than the 

Here's the manual for the Roland: