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RE: vocal looping

Title: Re: vocal looping
You got that right, my Welsh amigo, check with Rick on the spelling, I think its Schiffel, Rick, anyone?  Having seen both Michael and Kid Beyond,  I have to say, you couldn't find two more different talents and approaches, and yet both are simply amazing in how seemlessly and creatively  that make music and the staggering variety of sounds that come out of their mouths.
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I've not seen anyone to touch Michael Schiffner - not sure about the spelling or a website but he's jaw droppingly good.
Saw him in Switzerland last year  - In Bill Walkers words - "That guy just blew me away!!"
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And theo bleckmann

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For vocal looping, you should definitely check out Kid Beyond if you haven't already.



JoJo Razor wrote:
Hi I am new, just joined.
Is anyone doing vocal looping here? I have a small
trio with two looping machines, nothing fancy. Just
interested in pushing the boundaries a bit.
Thanks for any info you have or any websites you can
send me to.

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