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Re: USB Controller (Was: FlyLooper & market potential)

At 08:17 AM 7/5/2006, Josh wrote:
>I have an FCB1010 which only has MIDI in/out (no USB), and I use an 
>Edirol USB/MIDI box to do connect to my computer.  A quick google of 
>USB MIDI will return several cheap solutions.

Yup, I saw that.   I Googled before I asked the list but I didn't see 
anything with those specs. To which I will add another one:

Powered by USB.  No batteries, no wall wart.

The value proposition is that it's all in one neat little package and 
the novice user doesn't have to configure, tweak or plug in anything 
except the footswitch.  The little software driver and MIDI circuit 
on the footpedal is doing everything.


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