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Re: Re: Would this work for Mobuis?


What Toshiba Model do you reccomend?

I am definitly thinking I am going to go with a cheap PC (as opposed
to macbook).  All I want to use this machine for is to run Mobuis,
however I do want to be able to have 8 stereo track going without
completely maxing out my machine,  but I dont need anything with crazy
specs.  Ideally I want to find a good deal on a machine used for under

I am leaning toward the IBM Thinkpad T40 because they seem to go for
around $550 on ebay and the ram is expandable to 2GB which is one of
the features I want in my PC notebook.  If anyone has any suggestions
for some other notebooks please let me know,  I am all ears.  Thanks.

On 7/17/06, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
> >>> Good thing is that it has a separate video memory,
> >> shared memory for
> >>> graphics can be problematic with audio software.
> >> How do you intend to
> >>> get the analog sound out of that box? I can't see
> >> any spec's on an
> >>> eventual PCMCIA, USB or FireWire to add a decent
> >> audio converter?
> On 17 jul 2006, at 19.56, mark sottilaro wrote:
> > Yeah, I looked into this too and it's one of the
> > reasons I decided against Macbooks (The "Pro" has
> > video with it's own vram but the cheaper Macbooks don't)
> Yes, but users have reported that macbookd don't seem to have a
> problem with the shared memory when used for audio work.
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