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Re: reverb just on the delays

Very long predelay on the reverb accomplishes this effect -- OR -- you could hang a delay on an aux send of a mixer, sending it through a reverb on 100% wet... (or the verb before the delay, which I prefer).
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Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 11:00 AM
Subject: reverb just on the delays

On some of Jon Hassells tunes, his trompetsound has a near and close direct sound, and just a small amout of his sound (lets say  20%) has a big reverb, I think. The part that has reverb, also has some delay, I think. But there are no delay on the direct sound, I think....  
I play guitar, with the use of TC 2290 for delay, and a Alesis for reverb. The Alesis is in the fx-chain of the Tc.
Any Thoughts of how to get "closer" to the Hassells sound, in the manner of getting reverb just on the delays ? Or any tips what so ever ?
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