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Re: should we name it echoing ? (was RC-50 FEEDBACK WORKS)

no, Luis
if you listen to how my pieces develop, you dont think of an echo.
Its about evolution, substitution...

>I see slowly two diferent types of looping here and it
>occurs to me that none of the loopers video demos show
>the use of the feedback feature...
>should we name looping with feedback perhaps echoing?
>--- Jeff Kaiser <loopersdelight@pfmentum.com> wrote:
>>  On Jul 19, 2006, at 8:50 PM, Gary Lehmann wrote:
>>  > continuing to add layers without being able to
>>  reduce
>>  > the amount of accumulated sound (I have come to
>>  refer to this as the
>>  > "Lobster trap") is neither artistic nor creative.
>>  Ahh, dogma! Fundamentalist loopers unite! I love
>>  rules! :-)
>>  All options are good....and have creative
>>  possiblilities....I don't
>>  personally use a feedback control function, but am
>>  glad to see it as an
>>  option for those that want it.
>>  Feedback control is good, no feedback control is
>>  good.
>>  My dogma is: The truth is the sum of all dogmas.
>>  Now, back to this evening's ale of choice: Piraat.
>>  BTW, Kris Hartung, I miss the Bitter Creek Ale
>>  house!!! Rogue XS Old
>>  Crustacean Barleywine ale rocks......
>>  :-)
>>  best regards,
>>  Jeff
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