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Re: famous folks on list

Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate it.  I admit I am shooting for the ideal here 
asking for more "famous" looper interaction. In the end, they will do what 
they want to do for their own personal reasons.
I'll look out for that video.


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>> I have a full time job for a fortune 500 company...If a professional 
>> musician
>> makes it a priority to proactively get engaged with a community, they 
>> will do
>> it, period.
> Kris, you are one of the core members of LD.  I especially appreciate 
> hard work for and dedication to the LD community.  LD doesn't need 
> validation
> by "famous" folks to be a huge influence on loopers. LD already is a huge
> influence.  Fame is more a matter of taking care of business than raw 
> talent.
> For a little insight into how much work a mid-level band has to put into
> touring--and touring is the only way for most bands to make a living 
> days--check out the DVD "Beulah: A Good Band is Easy to Kill".  If your 
> local
> video store doesn't have it, you can get it for less than 10 bucks 
> Unknown bands have to put in even more work.
> Kris, I can tell from your description that your work level would kill 
> in a
> month.  Not everybody is gifted with your stamina and focus.  But I'm 
> grateful for all the energy that you add to the LD community.
> Peace,
> Kevin
> www.TheNettles.com