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Re: Re: improv vs arrangement

>On 27 Jul 2006 at 11:07, mark sottilaro wrote:
> > > --- "nick@12testing.net" <nick@12testing.net> wrote:
> > > Due largely to the technicalities (an old jamman), I'm 100% 
> > I don't understand that statement.  The old JamMan
> > seems really well suited for arranged premeditated
> > loops in a song type of structure...
>Sorry, I didn't make myself clear - I meant by comparison with the
>modern machines, where you can easily store multiple loops and switch
>/ mix between them to create an arrangement, rather than the jamman
>"buld up, fade away" variety.
>All the best,
>Nick Robinson

As Mark syncs to a drum machine, the JamMan allows him to switch 
between different loops
really easily.
It's because the JamMan makes all loops exactly the same length that 
it's impractical to try and create more than one loop when there's no 
guide, it's next to impossible to get the timing accurate .
Try shorter loops, ( but I gave up and got an EDP)

andy butler