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Re: Re: loop fades (Re: RiffBox & FX-Tracker (WAS how do you correct a bad loop on stage)

I know what you mean and the JamMan doesn't do that. 
The only devices I know that'll do that are the Giga
delay (I love it!) or Mobius.  I know the Repeater
only will fade if it's in record of the loop you want
faded.  Once you're out of Record the loop is static.
(but you can lower the volume of tracks to simulate
this)  I think the EDP is the same.  Mobius will do it
for sure... if you're willing to come over to the dark
side of compu-looping.

I tell you, the Riffbox and FX tracker look cool but
man there's something about that black box interface
that scares the shit out of me.


--- Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:

> right...you are right with being able to still play
> and add to the
> loop while fading, but like i said before, and i
> think you got what i
> said, but i was saying that i wanted to fade out
> loop A, and at the
> very same time, start Loop B, similar to relay
> runners in track,
> you've got 4 or 5 guys who run the race all together
> and when it comes
> time to pass the baton the reciever starts running
> ahead of time so
> that when the baton comes around, the pace isn't
> lost. the batan gets
> passed seamlessly, without the first runner stopping
> and handing it
> off and then the second runner starts running...know
> what i mean kind
> of?

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