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Re: experimental >< successfull

On 30 Jul 2006 at 20:12, Matthias Grob wrote:

> as it looks, its recently developing into a third way:
> a tool to support live music which does not sound so different from
> music without the tool.

yes - even KT Tunstall is now marketed as a looper....

> yes, but be honest: isnt it musical because it does something of its
> own to your playing, so it adds a character or expression that
> fascinates you and inspires to play what you would not? 


> seems that there is much more public for a funky guy that jams well
> over groovy tracks. 

That's been the story of music for decades - I don't blame boss for 
choosing someone with wider appeal, but there are any number of 
videos on utube showing people "widdling" over a 4 bar chord loop. 
I'd hope for something a little more inspired.

> Right, there are also musicians who manage to do all of this and also
> present a unique sound and induce a meeting with a new spirit that may
> change the listeners lifes! 

That's what I aspire to and pretty much sums up your music - if 
people haven't heard Matthias, have a listen to


I admire the way your beard has developed and adapted to changing 
technology over the years and full marks for publishing this gallery!

All the best,

Nick Robinson