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Re: Re: Quick poll

i'm using two now,

lexicon jamman
and two MoFXs in various routings

soon i will have the backine engineering Riff Box


On 7/31/06, improv@peak.org <improv@peak.org> wrote:
> My looping possibilities have just hit a 10 year low. I sold my Jamman
> to someone on the list about a year ago, my DL-4 died at the Oregon
> Country Fair (couldn't stand the hemp, I guess :-), and I just sold my
> Repeater last week. My new laptop remains an email and websurfing
> machine because I've been too busy with life and gigs and such to
> configure it as the ass-kicking loop and music machine it could be. So,
> at the moment, my looping setup is a Boomerang, and  a RE-301 Space
> Echo. But I did have a very enjoyable evening recently running the
> Minimoog through a Vortex and into the RE-301, instant space music!