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Re: All My CDs Marked down to $5.00

its also amazing that cassettes are still around while
mini disc didnt quite see the light of day!
i am still sentimentally hanging on to mines:-)

--- Paul Mimlitsch <pmimlitsch@mac.com> wrote:

> Totally agree with the sentiment and personally pass
> things along as 
> opposed to trashing them.  The problem is still that
> any material 
> purchase is going to wind up in a landfill
> eventually - whether the 
> original purchaser puts it there or passes the
> responsibility on to 
> someone else.  Also, someone who may not be able to
> purchase a CD at 
> $16 may be able to purchase the same full set of
> tunes for $9 from 
> "iTunes" or at least the "hit of the day" for a lot
> less.  How many 
> times does one listen to a CD (album, vinyl etc.)
> before it goes to the 
> shelf where it sits for years before getting another
> listen?
> On Jul 31, 2006, at 1:18 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:
> > Next to diapers, none of this matter. :) 
> >  
> > Seriously, though, if anyone is generating a
> product that they are 
> > certain will be trashed, then that seems a bit
> futile and wasteful.  
> > But there are also a lot of folks who keep their
> CDs or albums for a 
> > long time. And if they do get rid of them, they
> don't sell them, but 
> > trade them in. I don't think I've ever thrown away
> a music CD. Has 
> > anyone on the list thrown several music CDs away?
> You can at least 
> > take them to a record store and trade them in, or
> donate them to a 
> > charity...there are many people much more
> unfortuante that us that 
> > can't afford to buy new CDs, and can't afford
> iPods or computers, but 
> > might have an old CD payer or CD radio/boombox.
> They rely on being 
> > able to get a used CD for $2 or getting them from
> a benefit.
> >  
> > I hope no one is throwing away music CDs.  That's
> not very thoughtful.
> >
> >
> > Kris


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