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Re: OT: Small/Light Acoustic Guitar Amps

Yes, that was my good buddie that wrote the review of my CD "Live at the 
Kulture Klatsch", which I disputed with him on line. :) ....great blues 
guitarist nonetheless!  His name is.....Larry Conklin. I think Old Boise 
Guitar here can get those AERs.

I'll check out your leads below....that David amp was sure nice this 
morning, though...very tiny..about 10" by 10" by 9" or so...HUGE sound, a 
swiss amp built like a tank.


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> Kris,
> Do you remember the guitarist playing in the restaurant during the 
> post-BEMF breakfast?
> I believe he was playing through an AER amp. I forget his name . . . 
> I even forget
> the name of the restaurant (which is pretty darn remarkable considering) 
> . . but if the
> guy is a local you might try seeking his advice and/or opinion. His tone 
> was pretty good
> (I thought) and I remember taking note of his setup. In another lifetime 
> played Leo
> Kottke-style, finger-picked, bottle-neck slide guitar like he was 
> (about 25
> years ago . . . and much less expertly).
> BTW, Jamie Findley used to play/endorse Lakewood guitars. I also did 
> advertising
> and have met Jamie on several occassions . . . both then and when I 
> for Seymour
> Duncan. He also (at some point) used/endorsed their acoustic pickups and 
> amplification products.
> Duncan used to produce an amp called the TARA. Guitar Player magazine 
> described it in
> a product "shootout" literally as the acoustic amp that all others 
> be judged against.
> Ironically, within about a month or two Duncan stopped producing them.
> If you could find one of THOSE . . . particularly one of their nifty 
> closed-back combos . . .
> ah . . . sighs whistfully.
> Best regards,
> Ted Killian
> On Aug 12, 2006, at 8:12 AM, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> I have my eye on the AER Alpha too...it's just a cute and compact 
>> thing (10" cube basically)....perfect match for my Roland Cube-30.