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Re: "Instrument" vs "Effect"

My take on this has always been that if it's applied
to sound after the fact, then it's an effect. If it's
an integral part of the playing then it's part of the
instrument. How many electric guitarists play
"guitar", rather than (at least) "guitar plus
amplifier" ?

I also ponder - to the player in the midst of
performance, what's the real difference between
changing picking strength, or bowing style, or
pressure on keys, or adjusting any other parameter
involved in producing their sound ?

Also, could there be a difference in viewpoint between
those who devote time to acquiring the craft of a
traditional instrument as a craft in itself ("if I
know the instrument well, I will be able to express
whatever idea comes to mind eventually"), and those
simply acquire enough technique to express whatever
ideas come to mind ? 

Interesting topic !

- Tony

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