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Re: Echoplex Loop IV Sensitivity

At 12:56 PM 8/26/2006, Charles Zwicky wrote:
>It's an attempt at noise reduction... I've experimented with it but it's 
>just the way they designed it.

This statement is incorrect. A gate is necessary for multiple undo 
functions to work in a useable way. It has nothing to do with noise 

>>I have ignored this issue because I thought it was just the nature of 
>>Echoplex but when recording it seems to have a low threshold and cuts 
>>before the sound source has finished. The Echoplex is still recording, I 
>>can still here the sound source - like the sustain of a guitar chord - 
>>but when it plays back the sound sources tail has been cut off. A note 
>>played with lots of reverb results in the reverb being cut off. Is there 
>>something I can do with the settings or is this just the way the 
>>works. I have the input on at 1/4 and output full. Changing these 
>>seem to make any difference.

Long ago in the early versions of LoopIII, we had the gate threshold 
high and it cut decaying sounds off rather obviously. The gate threshold 
was reduced in subsequent versions to a point where it should not be so 
obvious. If you hear the gate so obviously, most likely you have the input 
level too low.

this is discussed the Echoplex FAQ:

The input level should be set high enough such that the loudest sound you 
play in the loop path is just below clipping. (note I say loop path, not 
direct path.) The best way I've found to do this is set Mix to "Loop", set 
feedback to 0, record a very short loop, and turn overdub on. Then you 
only hear sounds you play through the loop path, and you can set the input 
level to the highest it will go before clipping.


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