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Re: Ableton Midi Clock ? (DD-20 midi sync)

From: Diz <dizzy@spacenet.ru>

> I would like to know - is Ableton Live! midi clock stable (in general)?
> I've build a small device to midi sync BOSS DD-20, but experience
> some glitches then slaving it to Ableton. BPM display is jittering
> around - say, 120, 119, 121, 120 etc. Way too much - so I'm
> going to blame Ableton clock.

I'm inclined to think you are correct.  On another forum that I frequent,
somebody had complained that he was getting sea-sick warbling when 
synching the
delay on his Boss GT-8 to Ableton.  I ran a bunch of experiments syncing my
GT-8's effects, including delay, to my E-mu PX-7 and it worked perfectly.  
my suspicion was that Ableton's MIDI Clock wasn't stable, although I don't 
Ableton so I couldn't test that theory directly.


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