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Per Boysen and I - 10h LD birthday

Hi people,
it's my personal contribution to the 10th anniversary of this list.
Yesterday night I jammed with Per Boysen and Eva Almer (They come here in Rome after a perfomance in Andria, where Zoe Keating had her performance too). It was amazing. He's a very very interesting person and an inspiring musician too ! (Per....,when you'll read this message: Thanks again, and sorry for my bad english: I'd love to talk more with you, not only about music).
For me it was a great Sunday in Rome.
So yesterday night, before sleeping, I was thinking about how interesting and stimulating is this list in my life, as a musician.
I subscribed to this list in 2004. So I can say that  I'm a newbie - comparing to the most of people here - but I really love this list.
Sharing ideas, comments, and meet people (in person or virtually) that have the same interests is a great thing that this list (thanks Kim !)make possibile and that every day give me more interest in making/thinking of music.
Before my subscription to the LD list, I felt like a strange kind of guy.... the most part of musicians I've meet in years and years don't knew anything about looping. They just talk about technical ability (how to be speed, mostly) in jazz improvvisation or rock.
It was frustrating for years composing my own music with looping, absolutely lonely in my home-studio. Rarely (but sometimes it happened) I found someone attreacted by looping.
So it was amazing when I discover this list, and that there is a lot of other people sharing the same interests, even in different directions.
Soon... Bernhard Wagner invited me to play in Zurich, last year, where I've meet a lot of interesting guy.
I collaborated with Kris to the Xperimentus CD project.
I join in the LD Compilation Vol. 3. Worked on the CT-Collective Film project; Started my own "Great Speeches Project"; and this October I'll go to play at the Y2K6 (thanks, Rick).
It was as fast as stimulating !
I'm breathing new air now !
Thank Kim, happy looping anniversary.