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RE: OT: Stereo audio routing question...

I use the original 828 as my main audio interface for
my Mac and it works great.  Before this email I've
toyed with the idea of using it more for it's send
capabilities.  One of it's output pairs is already
dedicated to a submixer which used to feed my
Repeater... until my friend Andy stole it! ;) (Hi
Andy!)  now it feeds my laptop.  I guess it could just
as easily work for me.  Perhaps tonight I'll fool with
it.  Thanks for the idea.


--- Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

> It's on the expensive side, but a MOTU 828mkII can
> function as a rack
> mixer and you can use "CueMix DSP" to use one pair
> of IO ports as
> a stereo effects send.  You don't have to have it
> connected to a
> computer
> to do this, though the interface is a bit tedious.  
> The bonus is
> that it can also function as an audio interface for
> your laptop,
> but you would need a firewire port.  Traveler can do
> similar things
> and is smaller, but you only have 8 analog IO ports
> so you could
> only have 3 stereo devices with a stereo send.
> Jeff

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