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keeping loops interesting

this is without post loop manipulation
1) use feedback to make the loop attenuate
2) add to the loop as things fade
3) make the loop xtra long so people forget what's there
4) use silence
5) do something interesting over the loop so that attention will be drawn away from it
6) add different timbre to the loop
7) completely change the loop as it fades and then bring it back again
8) wear a tin foil hat
9) stop the loop and bring it back in after some "real" time playing
10) have asyncronious (sp) loops so that they evolve by themselves
11) play chromatically so there is no "KEY"

post loop manipulation

1) add filters etc.
2) have the loop move within the stereo field
3) detune detune detune
4) reverse direction
5) speed up or slow down loop (key will change if that's important)
6) a loop in the electrix mo-fx goes nuts when you hit the sync or p-pong button
7) give all listeners tin foil hats

these are just "some" ideas that i have and i use a really simple kit (boomerang +).....mo-fx, alesis Q2 and my trusty zoom 2100 all loop to some degree but there are no midi shananagins going on in my loop soup.....thanx andy for this thread, it is sooooo ON TOPIC.....you are such a good good lad!.....i bet there are many more ideas around this concept, let's hear them!.....i think that one of the main reasons i like loops (repetition) is the boredom that comes with playing over them (after a period of time) and this boredom forces me to get out of my (boreing) box and come up with new material.....all loopers are great learning machines and fantastic mirrors of what we sound like.....:)m