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R: keeping loops interesting

Sometime I use the technique that i have nicknamed  "Loop in Loop" or "Looping Loop" were
I make a short loop then I evolve it using efx or play something to new over it and finally I rec all the material in a long loop


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Inviato: mercoledý 13 settembre 2006 19.07
A: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Oggetto: Re: keeping loops interesting

as is sit (sorry kim:) here looping some other ideas come to me:

a) if using chords, double up the loop this makes it fatter
b) you don't need a looper to loop, you can do this with your playing
c) voice chords differently, this can give you a nice sense of harmony

i'm sure there are many more ideas, mine are pretty basic because i'm a simple luddite.....:)m