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RE: CD Production

Thanks Luis! The idea of it 'never happening again' was the idea behind 
concept. Listening to those soundclips, the background sounds are long 
reverbs with no dry signal, some are pitch transposed with a short delay,
with lots of feedback so the signal bounces up a 5th every time it echos,
and then reversed. Some of the other sounds are guitar synth, like the
drums- just a tom sample, detuned, and then played from guitar, and then
looped on the EDP. 

Dave Eichenberger 

> Subject: RE: CD Production
> Brilliant concept Dave this is actually what looping is all 
> about because it will never happen again everytime i do a 
> show i ask myself shit what did i just do!
> i am enjoying your stuff reminiscent of the future sounds of jazz!
> questions:
> whats those background sounds on a gulp of magpies,deceipt of 
> lapwings?
> Is that a synced drum machine behind a leash of greyhounds?
> keep up the good work buddy
> cheers
> Luis