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Re: Very long morphs (was: keeping loops interesting)

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> What I'm looking for (in software hopefully) is
> something that slowly changes a perameter over very
> long lengths automatically.  Like modulating a filter
> (delay or any other effect) with a sine wave, but have
> the sine wave have a period of 10-20 minutes.
> Anyone know of something that'll do that?  A VST?
> Reaktor .ens?  I think that would be a really cool way
> to produce an interesting effect like the ah ah ah ah
> loop in Laurie Anderson's Oh Superman.

I didn't think I'd ever be saying this, but.....MAX/MSP. :)

I've been told that you can program patches in MAX/MSP so that just about 
any input (MIDI or even a particular note or frequency) can trigger an 
event, and you can define that event down to the gnat's ass. This is so 
over my head right now, however, as I'm still working on building a VST 
in MAX/MSP.....eventually, I will get to this sort of stuff.