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Peavy Kosomos Subharmonic

No Luis,  I haven't tried the Peavy Kosomos Subharmonic Generator out
but my wife and I purchased the late (and sorely missed)
singer songwriter,  Elliot Smith's Berhinger Subharmonic
Generator from his recording studio.

She was on the Elliot Smith list,  Sweet Adeline and heard that
the people who inherited his studio were selling off some gear
to keep the studio afloat.

She bid on a lark and we got it for $100, amazingly.

Anyway,  I've been so busy I have yet to hook it up
but I used to use the old DBX subharmonic generator back in the days
of analogue recording studios (I know, I know,  they still exist
but not that anyone can still afford).

I'll let you know when I finally get it out to try it out, but it may be a 
Planning Y2K6 this year is kicking my ass.

yours,  Rick