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Re: A quieter, gentler footswitch?...

Well, I *thought* maybe I had found a workaround for the noisy footswitch 
issue... After some
trial and error, it seems like the recorder only picks up the click on the 
original track of the
loop (the so-called 'new loop', before you've made any overdubs)... so I 
thought I could use the
punch-in feature to record over the original loop with the click, and I 
tried it, and it recorded
a new take and the click went away! But get this:

When I record on 'punch-in' setting (punch-in is a feature not included on 
the footswitch,
stupidly enough, you have to press the button on the main unit with your 
finger... whereas they
put octave and reverse switches on the foot controller, not as essential 
as having a foot switch
to punch in record, IMHO)... continuing, when I record on 'punch-in' it 
records a NEW ARTEFACT,
and this time it's a pulsating BUZZ in time with the built-in metronome - 
This buzzing is clearly
audible on quiet loops or loops with a segment of silence in them, 
annoyingly so on headphones
especially - And the buzzing occurs even if you have the volume on the 
metronome turned all the
way down to zero (and there is no way of shutting off the metronome which 
flashes in time with the
tempo whenever you are recording or playing a loop)...

CLICKETY CLICK... BUZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ... I could see someone using the 2880 in a 
live performance setting
if you're playing loud music and using electric instruments, but forget 
using it as an acoustic
player in a studio setting (which is probably 75% of where I am going to 
be doing my looping,
honestly, since I am not very good at getting gigs and consequently most 
of my music is amateur
home recording)...

My final question is this: Is there any recommendation for a stand-alone 
live looping tool (no
laptop or software or MIDI required) with a well-functioning foot 
controller, and no significant
noise issues, suitable for looping live miked acoustic instruments? A 
looper with a quiet foot
pedal and no troublesome glitches or bugs to contend with? I guess I will 
have to forsake the
desired feature of multiple loop tracks with individually tweakable pan 
and fader controls, since
the 2880 has failed me and I don't want to buy a used Repeater and deal 
with it's own legendary
quirks and bugs... do I have to spend $1000 on an EDP or $1500 on a 
Looperlative? (in which case,
I'm too poor, forget it)... Somebody already praised the Boomerang, maybe 
I will check that one
out (I was actually almost gonna buy the Rang, till I read about the 2880 
and saw all the added
features I could get on the 2880 compared to the Rang for the same 

Which loopers have the most virtually silent foot pedal controllers, maybe 
if I start with that
question, it will give me something to go on when I begin shopping for a 
replacement for the 2880
(at this point, even if the Mouser switches I have ordered can fix the 
footswitch noise, I'm still
left with the buzzing issue which has nothing to do with the foot 
controller)... If I was smart to
begin with, I would've found time to test this 2880 out THOROUGHLY before 
the 30-day return option
expired... MY DUMB...

Ferrara Brain Pan


"Let the great constellation of flickering ashes be heard..."
Noel Scott Engel